5 Nail Hacks for the Perfect Manicure
⦁ To avoid the pesky bits of polish that always seem to make your manicure look messy try paint glue around your nail. Paint the glue around your nail and let it dry for 10 minutes. Paint your nails the way in which you desire and of course let them dry, then wallah!! Just peel the glue off and you’ve got a perfect manicure or even Vaseline, does the trick to creating a barrier between your skin and nail polish.
⦁ To create a marbled effect use drops of the colours you want, alternating each time, then grab and open paper clip and swirl the layers together. Then place your nail in the polish for a few seconds whilst getting rid of the excess polish with the paper clip. Pull your finger out of the water and clean up the edges. Ta-daaaah! All done.
⦁ To make your nail colour pop what you wanna do is use is use a white polish colour underneath as this brings out the true colour due to the natural colour of your nails changing it.
⦁ To really mix it up and create your own shade of polish, use loose pigments and clear nail polish. Just mix them together in a teaspoon and cotton swab to get the colour you want.
⦁ Want your nails to dry faster? Well try soaking them in a bowl of water and lots of ice. Soak your nails in there for a few minutes and it will help your nails dry quicker.