10 Amazing Nail Care Tips
Hands up if you’ve broken a nail this week? Maybe you’re nails are splitting or perhaps you just want to grow those nails long and strong? These are our Top 10 Tips for Nail Care.1. Nail Polish that doesn’t chip or flake is hard to find! We all know some brands work better than others. But did you know vinegar can help your nail polish last longer? Simple pop vinegar on cotton balls and swipe it on your unpolished nails and then apply your nail polish.

2. Avoid brittle nails, give them a salt bath! Add for tablespoons of sea salt in one litre of water and soak 15 minutes. Afterwards dry your hands and apply cuticle softner on you nails

3.  Brighten those nails with this amazing rose water combination. Mix 40ml of rose water with 10gms of glycerin and 50mls of #% hydrogen peroxide and rub it on your nails using a cotton ball.

4.  For silky soft hands, use jojoba oil! Aloe extract is great to heal cracks around your cuticles.

5.  If its speedy growth your after, use gelatin! Gelatin helps boost nail growth. Use a basecoat with gelatin as its main ingredient under your favourite nail polish!

6.  Are your nails splitting? A lack of calcium in your diet may be your issue! Add calcium-rich food to your diet.

7.  Cuticle care is a must! Apply cuticle oil once or twice a day. Healthy cuticles equal beautiful nails. We promise is a good investment!

8.  Nails with sharp edges are more vulnerable to breakage. Keep your nails rectangular with rounded edges. This also applies to falsies!

9.  Nail polish remover can make or break your nails. Always use removers of popular brands and invest in them to save your nails from breakage. Read the labels before buying any remover. Acetone free formula is best, as acetone dries out your nails and thus damages its surface.